Vimeo’s new API is ready for everyone!

For nearly six months now, our brand-new API has been sitting patiently in beta, waiting for the day it’d be released to the world. Today, we’re thrilled to metaphorically pick up those giant scissors and cut that red tape. Now, everyone has access to the newly designed developer site, and the extra-fresh Vimeo API.

What’s changed? In short: everything. We’ve improved every single aspect of our documentation to some degree. We cleaned up the spec, and have ensured that our endpoint documentation is absolutely accurate. You might also notice return of the API Playground you once knew and loved. We completely overhauled the playground to make it fit the new API, and we whole-heartedly encourage you to spend recess exploring all of our API’s new features.

The API has been updated to version 3.2, and is available immediately. To learn more about our version system, check out the docs. Thanks to our beta testers, we have cleaned up our response formats and have squashed many bugs. Keep an eye open for the new “connections” and “pictures” formats.

The beta hasn’t just been about polishing our existing features — there were some features we wanted to make available on day one. Our two most requested features have always been Vimeo On Demand and thumbnail uploads, both of which are now a part of the API. In the coming weeks, we will write more about these features, but for now, you can read up on things in our endpoint documentation

These aren’t the last of the new additions — we still have so much more to come. Keep an eye on our roadmap to learn about all the awesome new features we’re working on.