• Mar 12 2014

Authentication in the new API

Get excited — the open beta for our new API has begun.

Ready to take it for a test drive? Let’s talk about your first API request.

Create your API app

Go to https://developer.vimeo.com/apps/new, fill out the necessary information and click “Create App”. You will be redirected to your app details page; click the “OAuth 2” tab to find the following authentication information:

  • Client ID - A unique identifier for your application
  • Client Secret - A secret identifier for your application, this should never be shared with anyone
  • Client Access Token - A token that allows your app to make unauthenticated requests
  • User Access Token - A token that allows you to make API requests authenticated as yourself (the app owner)

Make a request

Once you have your tokens, you are ready to make a request. We use OAuth 2.0 and bearer tokens to authenticate your requests. OAuth 2.0 requires you to pass tokens through the Authorization header.

Authorization : bearer <TOKEN>

Try this now by adding your User Access Token to the following example, and entering it into your terminal.

curl -H "Authorization : bearer <ACCESS TOKEN>" https://api.vimeo.com/me

The response will include all the information related to your user account. In this response, you can see your entire profile, including your current upload quota.

If you receive an error, you may have entered the wrong token. The Client Access Token won’t work for private data, so make sure any “https://api.vimeo.com/me” requests use a User Access Token.

But — you don’t have to use the tokens we provide you. In fact, the tokens we give you are limited, and cannot access the whole API. To learn more about authentication and generating access tokens, read our full Authentication Documentation.