• May 9 2012

New Developer Site!

Would you be totally flabbergasted if we told you that in addition to rebuilding Vimeo from the ground up, we’ve ALSO constructed a brand new site for developers who want to rock the Vimeo APIs? Well, start flabbering your gasts* — because it’s true.

We’re happy to announce our brand new developer site: http://developer.vimeo.com! Our API is all grown up and ready to move into its own 1 bed / 1.5 bath subdomain. Laundry is just around the corner.

Right now you’re probably staring incredulously at your screen while yelling, “Whoa!!! Tell me some of the amazing features of this new dev site so I can continue my quest to conquer all technology!!!” You got it. Check our techniques:

OAuth Tokens provided

We now generate an OAuth token for you when you create an app — this way you don’t have to set up a temporary page to authorize when you only want to interact with your account. Just copy and paste into your app. OAuth awesomeness!

Simplified documentation and navigation

Life is complicated enough, so we’ve tried to streamline our documentation wherever possible. Now, instead of having to look at multiple pages of docs, you’ll find what you need on one page, reducing the need to jump around. And just like your favorite library book about deep sea creatures that somehow survive in complete darkness, our documentation now has a table of contents. Just flip to the section you’re looking for!

Clearer upload requests

Upload requests now take the form of a more straightforward questionnaire. This enables us to get right down to bizness and reduce the back and forth involved in approving your app for uploading. Because time is money, people.

Integrated Playground

The Advanced API method list now has the playground baked right into it, so you can easily get involved in some hot call-and-response action.

A suave new look

Night time is the right time for accessing data via the API. Turn the lights down, pour yourself a beverage, and kick back with some stone cold support from us.

Enjoy the new site!

*We have no idea what this means, but it feels good to say it out loud.