• Jul 20 2009

Advanced API v2

Version 2 of the Advanced API is finally nearing completion. We expect to make it public within the next week. Here are some of the highlights of the update:

  • Album, channel, and group methods
  • Set embed options for Plus users
  • Brand new, more reliable Upload API with support for segmented uploads
  • Improved documentation

Most of the changes won’t break your apps, but there are a couple that will:

  • You can no longer request individual portrait and thumbnail URLs, you’ll just request a list of available sizes (see this post).
  • The Upload API will now require approval. Any app that has uploaded a video will be automatically approved; all others must request access.
  • The Upload API has been significantly changed, and the process is much different.

The new PHP client library is a drop-in replacement, so you’ll only need to change some of the methods that you’re calling.

We’ll continue to provide access to v1 until October 31, at which point you’ll need to switch to v2.

More details soon.