Portrait and Thumbnail Image Changes

We’re going to be changing the sizes of portraits and thumbnails that are returned through the API (both Simple and Advanced).

Available portrait sizes will now be:

  • 30px square (small)
  • 100px square (medium)
  • 300px square (large)

Available thumbnail sizes will now be:

  • 100x75 (small)
  • 200x150 (medium)
  • 640px width (large)
  • 1280px width (HD only, will be available in the future)

We’ll continue to accept requests for other sizes through the Advanced API until July 16, at which point we will serve only the sizes above.

Most of the calls to the Simple API have been returning these sizes, but starting now only the sizes above will be returned for portraits. Thumbnails will change at the same time as the Advanced API on July 16.

Update: We’re adding 75px portraits back. See this post.