• Nov 18 2011


Starting at 10:30 am EST (about an hour from now), all API methods that modify data will be unavailable. You will receive a 105: Service currently unavailable error. Everything should be back up and running by 11:30 am EST. All read methods will remain available during this time. We apologize for the inconvienience.

  • Nov 11 2011

NYC BigApps 3.0 Competition

We’re happy to announce our participation in NYC BigApps 3.0. The competition, which offers $50,000 in cash and other prizes, is open to software developers who create the best new apps that utilize NYC Open Data to help NYC residents, visitors, and businesses.

If you’d like to participate, check out the rules for the competition.

If you’re curious about the other APIs participating in the competition, check out the list here.

Have fun and make something cool with our API! (and let us know if you do)

Method Deprecations

To make way for some internal improvements, we will be deprecating the following methods in the Advanced API:

and the following in the Simple API:

These methods will no longer work after September 30, 2011. There are no direct replacements for these methods, but we encourage you to use the subscription methods instead (vimeo.videos.getSubscriptions in the Advanced API or user/subscriptions in the Simple API).

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Streaming Upload API

We added support for streaming uploads a while ago, but now we’ve finally gotten around to documenting it! We also tried to clarify some things in our POST upload API that were giving people some trouble, so make sure to check that section out too.

Player API Updates

We’re happy to announce that we just released a whole bunch of updates for our Player APIs! Here’s a list of what changed:

  1. New version of the API! We’ve added a bunch of new methods that you’ve been asking for, and added some extra information to things that were already there.

  2. Totally rewritten API Documentation! Our player has changed a lot in the past few months, and unfortunately our documentation had not. This time, we wrote the documentation as we were retooling the API, so it should be completely accurate.

  3. New version of Froogaloop! Froogaloop has been updated to be compatible with the new version of the API. We also changed the way it works (a lot like jQuery) to make it a lot easier to use. The example page has also been improved a lot (thanks to Joe!) and now includes every API method.

Be sure to check out the updated documentation and our new API Playground page. As always, let us know if you run into any trouble, have any ideas to improve the API further, or notice anything inaccurate in the documentation.

Video Collections

We had to remove collections information from video responses for performance reasons. There is a new method available now to get a list of the collections that a video belongs to: vimeo.videos.getCollections.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Activity in the Advanced API

In a few minutes, we’ll be pushing some backend changes to activity methods that will fix a number of bugs. Please let us know in the forums if you find any bugs.

  • Sep 15 2010

Old Auth in v2

Just a reminder, we’ll be removing the old authentication mechanism from version 2 of the Advanced API later today (as announced).

We won’t be deleting any tokens though, so you can still use vimeo.oauth.convertAuthToken to convert your old tokens for awhile.

Universal Player and the JavaScript API

Today we announced the availability of our new Universal Player which allows just about any device to view a Vimeo video embedded on any blog. To achieve this, we used the iframe HTML element. While iframes are great for allowing you to host external content on a different site, they also come with a huge set of browser limitations in terms of security.

One of these limitations is that a parent HTML document cannot access any of an iframe’s content, and vice versa. This is a pretty big issue if you had been using our JavaScript API to listen to events from our player or to control our player directly since this cannot be done with iframes. The only way to communicate with iframes is through the use of window.postMessage.

However, window.postMessage is incredibly complex and somewhat limiting. To ease the pain, we’ve written a small JavaScript framework called Froogaloop to help. Simply call the api or addEvent methods and you’re on your way.

To see the full documentation on how to gain JavaScript API acces with the Universal Player, be sure to visit our documentation on the Moogaloop API page, or go ahead and give it a whirl by downloading it from our GitHub page.

Upload API Enhancements

You can now replace a video using the Upload API!

Just pass the video_id of the video you’d like to replace when making your call to vimeo.videos.upload.getTicket and when you upload the file it will replace that video instead of creating a new one.